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Beautiful & Colorful Mandalas?

Do you feel the call to create

You do not need to know how to dance or paint to follow the magical journey of Mandala Healing. The healing and meditative qualities of the lessons will benefit the beginner as well as the advanced student.
All course materials are downloadable.

with Yael Gilboa

Mandala Healing

* Are you intrigued by the shapes of Sacred Geometry?

* Do you want to play with colors and shapes, even if you've never painted before?

*Would you like to have a fun tool for self-reflection and self-exploration?

*Do you wish to connect your body to sacred energy patterns?

All of this and more awaits you in THE FLOWER OF LIFE e-course

Flower of Life e-course

Here is what you get in the

  • 5 step-by-step demonstration videos on how to create Mandalas using the Seed of Life and Flower of Life patterns.

  • 3 step-by-step BONUS demonstration videos on how to incorporate Sacred Geometry into a painting.

  • Printable PDFs with step-by-step instructions on how to draw the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life

  • 4 dance videos, to help you embody the sacred patterns.

  • Facebook classroom support

  • All materials are downloadable

Material List

Flower of Life

You only need basic drawing materials for this course.
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Is it really for me?

  • I don't really know how to dance

    The dance routines in this course are short and extremely easy. Just follow the lead of the instructor, and get moving :)

  • I'm an advanced painter, what can I learn?

    Painting Mandalas is a meditative process. In the course you'll learn how to draw basic SACRED GEOMETRY patterns, and how to incorporate them into your paintings.

  • Painting gear is highly expensive, and I'm not a painter

    Check the Material List. All the gear that you need to paint basic Mandalas is really affordable.

About Me

I'm an artist, a dancer, a filmmaker and a teacher by nature.

When I started bellydancing over 20 years ago, I felt the veil lift, and I became more grounded and more connected. But still there was something missing. That certain connection with my innermost soul, with my higher self.
For years I've taken countless courses in self development and self-exploration, wanting to get in touch with my soul, feel more grounded and be more connected.

That, until I discovered Mandalas, about 7 years ago. I started by creating them over and over again, proceeding from colored pencils, to the use of canvases and acrylic paints, filling my walls with Sacred Geometry.

Mandalas came into my life at a critical moment, when life turned upside down, and I had to start taking care of my aging disabled parents. Drawing the Mandalas, helped me heal the rift in my soul, and find peace in the situation. I begun to grow spiritually.

Teaching and inspiring others is my mission in life, and in my courses I aspire to combine all the tools that have so enriched my life.

Yael Gilboa

Artist and teacher

Come and Join Me!

See you soon, YAEL